Domain forwarding and masking

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I have a domain name that I added to Cloudflare. I would like to use a free hosting service, but I would like visitors of to see the domain in the url not
Is that possible?

Looks to be the same as this thread.

Generally/theoritically it should be possible. A year back I was able to do it. This was through domains purchased from godaddy. Only godaddy DNS management panel I was able to do this. (I mean changing nameservers and still be able to add a redirect with masking) I had tried a couple of other onces without success. Some even didn’t allow freely to change the nameservers.

From that time I became inactive in buying domains, dns configurations etc. Now I bought another domain with godaddy around 3 days ago and have tried to do the trick without success. I am not even sure whether I forgot how to do it or what am I doing right/wrong or may be its not do able any more. My experience right now, after setting up a redirect then change nameservers the redirect resets its self. basically it disappears and the domain is left without a redirect. On the other side when Cloudflare nameservers are present you can’t set up a redirect. What is now even more humiliating is, with Cloudflare nameservers in place when I change my nameservers back to default to re- enable the redirects the nameservers take almost 12 hours to update. During this time the account is frozen I can’t do anything with it. Even after nameservers update in most cases my account is still frozen and I have had to contact customer service to solve the issue. Godaddy online support is rarely available. On calling support I have had an estimated wait time of 25+ minutes on most of this occasions, only once I have had an estimated wait time of 7 minutes. I had to wait. This is really limiting me to know what worked 1 year ago and is it still working now. If anyone got solutions please reply to this thread

Like I said on the linked thread, it is possible with a host, but not with Cloudflare and is therefore, in my opinion, outside the scope of these forums. I would not recommend it. If, however you still want to go ahead with it, it is not Cloudflare related. There are other resources about it out there.

I am in no way endorsing this method or link, however there are a few pointers here.

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what linked thread? before my post I didn’t see any linked thread on this specific thread. And I still can’t see it. The only linked content I see is from your reply. That article you linked I didn’t find it useful to be honest. What if you don’t have host privileges i.e masking of affiliate offers. What if you don’t know how to code etc?

The thread I linked in my first reply, URL masking

Like I said,

I understand. Thanks.My best approach of doing this would be to think externally. Not trying to manipulate website code or alter any website code. You got ideas on how to go through this and still get clodflare features advantages?

That sounds like an iframe of some other site, so that site’s contents are still delivered through that site’s hosting setup.

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