Domain Forwarders SOS

I cannot get domain forwarders to work to save my life. I am using Cloudflare to host, and having it send to Clickfunnels afterward but my forwarder only works for the homepage. NOT anything else, such as [], instead it only works with Can someone help? From what I understand you need an orange cloud in DNS records but someone told me clickfunnels wont allow it or something?

If you want to forward any request made to to URL then:

** == forward to ==> URL

Yes it needs :orange:

“I am afraid this is the case here - whenever creating a domain pointing to []( - orange-cloudwill not be applied.”

This is what someone from Cloudflare told me. Does that mean that Forwarders won’t work for clickfunnels?

I’m sure someone’s figured out either how to turn on the orange clouds or the forwarders on here right?

For forward rule to work, Cloudflare should intercept the request and without proxying the traffic it cannot.

What would you suggest?

I don’t know how Clickfunnels works or integrates into Cloudflare. Previous posts were about forwarding and if you are using :orange: with provided rule, forwarding should work.

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