Domain forwarded to Kajabi, but having trouble moving email to a different server

I’m the owner of domain

We’ve moved our site from our former hosting server (server “A”) - over to Kajabi thru Cloudflare>
The site is connected and working fine. But I’m trying to move our mail server over to a different server (server “B”).

I have in place now an MX record:
Name= TTL=Auto Proxy=DNS only

And have changed the following A record to:
Name=mail Content=(the new iPv4 address given to me by server “B” support). TTL=Auto Proxy=DNS only (grey cloud)

But my mail is still all going to my old server (server “A”)

I have checked the dns propagation for the MX record, and it DOES show that it is going to (it used to go to the hostname at Server"A" when checked)

There ARE a lot of other A records, SRV records, and TXT records that were all populated when I brought the domain name into Cloudflare (most of which list the Server “A” ip address) Could these be causing the problem? Do I NEED any of these still? (delete all but the CNAME records for KAjabi and the MX records for server “B”?

Thanks for any thoughts! Can include screen shots if that would help.


It was an issue that I was using as the server in the MX record. Swapped that out for the actual server name and it solved the issue. I STILL have no idea how the mails were finding their way to the old server since the DNS of had fully propagated to the new one… but problem solved.

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