Domain for Proton e-mail: newbie mistake

Hi guys,

I bought a domain with Cloudflare to be used with Proton Secure e-mail.
This is only for custom e-mail personal use, no business or web-server related.
Just in case things go wrong, my email doesn’t change.

I am new to this domain stuff and while checking the new domain with whois after I bought it, I am able to see some person name, phone, address, and got it scared me to death.
I mean, I am trying to improve my privacy and not expose everything to the whole world.
I friend of mine who did the same mentioned that you can pay some extra to have those details hidden.

I barely bought the domain and I was already looking for the delete button and I just cannot find it in case I cannot hide those details I would like to undo the whole thing.
I prefer to lose an e-mail address than having personal information exposed.

I don’t wanna have my personal details expose like this.

I would love some input on this :frowning:

Thank you

Cloudflare has WHOIS privacy by default and it can’t be disabled, so I’m not too sure what you’re referring to. What does your domain end in? (I.E .com)

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Helpful article:

I have couple of domains at Cloudflare, all of them show “DATA REDACTED”, except country code (two letters) and state/province.

If you’d like to have privacy protection for domain info, you might want to consider transfering your domain out to some other domain registrar like Namecheap to get Whois privacy service for your domain name.

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I see, so in theory nobody can see all my personal information like I can see from that person like full name, full address, phone, etc??
That is correct, “dot com” was the best one I could find but again, newbie into this so I wouldn’t be surprised if I made another mistake.

Thank you for the reply.

And who did you buy the domain from?

Cloudflare Registrar doesn’t show anyone’s name unless it’s a .us domain since the .us registry prohibits WHOIS redaction.

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That is awesome but yeah man, this whole thing is driving me nuts and I wished I had done nothing.
I have trust issues and yeah, not good.

I am gonna wait and see how things go after the whole process is completed.
Thanks a lot.

That kind of information is being redacted.

I am sorry to hear that :confused: Hope you’ll find a solution which suit you the best

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From Cloudflare, I am base in Australia but the perfect short domain is dot com.

I can confirm, everything is hidden.

Thanks a lot for the help, I was loosing my s over this haha

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