Domain for minecraft server

Hi I am new in this field, and therefore I would like to ask more information to you experts, once I have purchased my domain, I can point it directly to the ip of my minecraft server or I have to wait 60 days from the creation I am reading various things and I am getting confused

As soon as you finish the purchase of your domain, you can configure DNS to point it directly to your server. Keep in mind that initial DNS configurations can take up to 48 hours to propagate. Often much quicker.

60 days is if you want to use a different registrar for that domain. I suspect you’re not interested in that, and it’s not likely you’d need to do so.

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Thank you very much really I was worried, well said that another question once I point the dns to my minecraft ip from cloudflare, just wait or do I have to take steps to confirm the change from my dashboard on the site from which I bought the domain?

If you want, you can manually check using “dig” on Mac and Linux, or “nslookup” on Windows in your command line, to see if the correct dns record is returned.

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