Domain expiring soon

Hi all,

I have some domains that expiring on 14 January.
I’m on wave 8, is it possible di expedite the switch to Cloudflare Registrar?

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face: :pray:t2:

We’re just customers here and can’t expedite it. When is Wave 8’s expected opening?

December (estimated) :thinking:


Even once your wave starts, that will not necessarily mean that you will be able to transfer over all, or possibly even any, of your domains. I was in wave 1 and was able to transfer a few at the start but not one single domain over the past 9 days. Support were unable to help.

Thank you for your answer, now I’m able to transfer my domains.
I have started to transfer 2 domains, that are in approval pending at the moment (2 days :thinking:).
Maybe they are full of requests at the moment…

But how a user can contact the Cloudflare support?
Only with a phone number?


Approval Pending can mean that a verification email has been sent to the email address associated with the domain, click the link in that email.

Alternatively, it might mean that you can go into your dashboard at the losing registrar and manually approve the transfer.

My registrars (Fabulous and Godaddy) both allow you to circumvent the usual 5-day transfer delay by manually approving the transfers.

You contact Cloudflare support by submitting a ticket. If you are not a paying customer (i.e. if you are using their free plan for all your sites) it will take them around 3-days to respond.