Domain Expiring Message

Hi there, I keep getting emails saying my domain is expiring but it is not, it has another year. Can someone help me point to where I can renew something or do something to stop these emails?


Quick follow-up it is says I have 25 days, but I have already renewed the domain on siteground until next year, so I really should be good to go, but want to address before it expires.

Thoughts? What do I do?


You are getting these emails from Cloudflare? If not, it’s not really Cloudflare related.

What’s the domain? And can you post a screenshot?

Yes, it is definately coming from Cloudflare. Here is the email.

Expires: Feb 9, 2023

Telling me I have 25 days left.

Thank you! :slight_smile: Bill

Did you verify that it really is a Cloudflare email? From the screenshot it does appear like a legitimate communication, but one never knows :slight_smile:

When did you receive that email? If that was today, the additional interesting detail is that your domain would not even remotely expire on March 4th but rather already in two days, assuming Cloudflare did not notice that it was actually renewed.

If this is a legitimate email, it should be a glitch. Maybe check out and if you can set your email preferences accordingly.

As for your domain, it’s not with Cloudflare, they don’t have control over it, and it only needs renewal next year. So you can actually ignore these emails.

Thank you, here is the email address it came from. Yes, I got it today, and I think a couple days ago, but I renewed it on SiteGround, so I thought I was fine.

Cloudflare [email protected]

Yes, it must be clitch then, is there anything I can check anywhere in my dashboard to see where Cloudflare is getting that date.

Yes, I checked, my email settings are all correct.


Well, if these couple of days was January 16th, then they simply hadn’t updated their database yet.

You can check your mail preferences under aforementioned link.

Got it, thanks… Appreciate the support. :slight_smile:

Was this an email delivered today to your inbox, or an email you found in your spam folder? (and perhaps delivered much earlier)

My experience is that these emails are often sent too clsoe to expiry to even transfer or just incorrect (already renewed elsewhere).

Same here at our end we are getting the same messages from Cloudflare. The email id from which mails are getting received is this [email protected].

As mentioned, that might be a glitch if you renewed your domain too close to the renewal date.

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