Domain expired on AWS Route 53, Namesevers still set to Cloudflare but can't transfer to Cloudflare

Domain expired on AWS Route 53, Namesevers still set to Cloudflare but can’t renew on Cloudflare…

I tried twice to transfer and renew on Google Domains too but it kept saying old auth code from AWS even though it’s the latest one.

Anyone come across this? Try whois, name servers are still Cloudflare but Cloudflare dash is saying it’s set to Digital Ocean nameservers.

I submitted a support ticket too. 1838117

Your domain has been suspended by the registry.

You need to contact your registrar.

(The original comment was based on inaccurate information and therefore does not apply.)

I dont know when you got the information which is shown in your screenshot, but both, the registry and the registrar, show an expiration date of 2021. So the domain has not expired, however it neither is with Cloudflare. It still is with Gandi.

Considering what I wrote earlier, you simply need to contact them and clarify why the domain has been suspended.

You’re right. I hadn’t checked whois before, just relied on the information provided by the OP.

Actually, the dates from Registry and Registrar differ:

Registry Expiry Date: 2021-02-18T03:50:07Z
Registrar Registration Expiration Date: 2020-02-18T03:50:07Z

From Gandi’s documentation on domain statuses:


The most common reason for a domain to have this status is that the domain has expired . Renew your domain here.

This status is applied by the registrar to to stop the domain name from resolving on the internet. When domains have this status, none of its services (email, website, etc.) will work.

Thank you for your replies.

I am trying to transfer the domain to Cloudflare.

From what I can tell, AWS uses both Gandi SAS (wholesale) and themselves [Amazon Web Services] (depends which one you get) as their registrars.

The domain seems to have been renewed by Gandi’s backend but not for my own use, just for their 45 day renewal grace period I guess. (But to do that it seems like they need to renew it themselves for an extra year, but then probably place the domain back on the open market after the 45-60 day grace period, maybe someone strong on DNS renewal could back this up?).

The nameservers are still set to Cloudflare in AWS and whois, but Cloudflare says they are oddly set to digital ocean’s nameservers.

I’m aware there is a refund process from the renewed registrar (AWS if I renew there or Google Domains) if I then transfer to Cloudflare?

I’ve contacted AWS Support too.

As I said you need to contact Gandi (or Amazon, if they just resold and you didnt register via Gandi yourself). The domain is not with Cloudflare and Cloudflare cannot do anything at this point.

Your domain has expired in this case and wont resolve until renewed.