Domain Expired, Help!

Hey guys,

I’m really stuck on this one and don’t know what to do!
My domain is with CF and has expired and is currently in the grace period according to to a WHOIS lookup, however, when I try to renew it in CF it errors out and doesn’t tell me why, looking in the dev console and observing the network messages and I can see a JSON response saying my domain has been deleted (Which I assume is why it’s not letting me manually renew as I’m in the 30 days grace period) I hope my domain hasn’t actually been deleted :frowning: and hope there still a way to renew it!

The reason it expired was my CF email was linked to an email account I don’t have anymore (Old business account) so I had missed and forgotten about renewal until my domain suddenly stopped working.

You need to immediately open a support ticket.

Hey Sandro,

I opened one earlier today and unfortunately the rep wasn’t very helpful asked for a HAR file from the page I was having troubles renewing my domain on in the CF dashboard (Which I captured and replied with) and it’s been several hours since with no further help I’m afraid :worried:

You can only get back to them. The comunity cant do anything here.

Fair enough. I’ll chase it up with them again, hopefully I get somewhere.
Just wanted to see if the community had faced a similar issue.

Some might have, might be a glitch in the dashboard.

Whats the domain?

Maybe so… the domain in question is

When I try to renew in the dashboard it looks like it’s calling the renew endpoint and this error gets returned:

{result: {message: “Domain deleted”}, success: true, errors: , messages: }
result: {message: “Domain deleted”}
success: true

You should really hurry up. That domain has expired almost two months ago.

It still seems to be controlled by Cloudflare, however at this point the renewal might be even pricier than the standard renewal.

I am afraid, only support can help you here.

I’m surprised it stayed running well past the expiry… only just stopped working this morning.

In any case I’ve followed up with support once more after your recommendation to do so. Let this be a lesson to always keep the email up to date to not miss any important renewal messages I guess.

From your domain status it seems it might have entered redemption last week. If that is the case it will stay there for twenty-ish more days and then be deleted altogether.

Also, there is a good chance the renewal will be pricier at this point.

If it’s pricer then so be it, I’ll consider it a school fee at this stage

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If you can post the ticket number @cloonan could check it out.

Also, make sure to respond to it in case you havent, so that the ticket does not get closed automatically.

Hey, sorry only just saw your reply now.
The ticket number is 1895647


@it1186, have they responded anything so far?

Hi @it1186, can you reply to the engineer and ask them to assist your further? Looks like there are still issues? Sorry for the troubles.

Hey all,

Yep I’ve just replied to the engineer, fingers crossed!

Great news! after a little back and forth it was raised to a senior engineer and I’ve now got my domain back.

Thanks so much for your help!