Domain expire overview

Hi CF!
Since I found out CF I am super happy with migrating a bunch of domains since these domains are already connected to the CF DNS.
After transferring 12 domains, I found out I had to look to each page to see back the renewal/Expires date, this per single domain is not that workable for me since this takes a lot of my time switching pages for dates. If I would have 1000 domains running over here, this would be a day-task to get an overview of upcoming renewals or expirations. Is there some index I am overlooking or are there plans to make changes to this way of showing?
All tips are welcome!

You will get an email like below. I will ping the Product Manager with your request.

Your Domains Are Expiring Soon!


Below is a list of your domains that are expiring over the course of the next 60-90 days. Please take a moment to review your renewal settings and ensure your billing information is up to date and accurate. Domains set to “Auto-renew” will automatically be renewed approximately 30 days prior to expiration. You may manually renew these domains or turn off the auto-renew setting at any time by logging into your account at

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