Domain expiration was not extended by 1 year

So I recently transferred my “.me” domain to cloudflare and the domain registration was not extended by 1 year.

Last payment on old provider was 2024-03-31 it was still connected / not in any grace period

Transfer to cloudflare was 2024-04-30

According to whois:

Updated Date: 2024-04-30T21:40:53Z
Creation Date: 2012-03-31T18:59:10Z
Registry Expiry Date: 2025-03-31T18:59:10Z

I believe the new expiry date should be 2026-03-31
I raised a support ticket, 1 week ago but didn’t get any response, the domain is not on any paid plan, but I assumed that paid products would still get any support.

Anyone happens to know what went wrong? Or am I assuming wrong in the dates?

That implies you have renewed the domain within less than 45 days before the transfer.

When quoting from:

In summary, registrars should note (and advise their customers) that in most cases where a name is transferred within 45 days after its expiration/renewal date, the successfully transferred registration will only be extended by one year, not two years as might be expected.

The “after its expiration/renewal date” part to me refers to when either the one or the other is true, it will apply.

In other words, since you apparently renewed the domain on 2024-03-31, then if you had waited until around 2024-05-15 or eventually 2024-05-16, with the transfer, then you would have received the extra year.

I understand this to be a Cloudflare ticket, - can you possibly share the ticket number?

As usually with the loss of one year with recently expired and/or transferred domain names, I would suggest you to contact the losing registrar (your old registrar), as they should have been credited the cost of the renewal by the registry, and as such, should be able to refund you the cost you had to them as well.

That would be #3245326

When you transfer your domain to Cloudflare, the registry will extend your registration by one year. However, in one specific circumstance your transfer could result in you keeping your original expiration date. When a domain expires, the registration enters the auto-renew grace period. During that time, you can renew the domain at your registrar to avoid losing it. If your domain expires at your current registrar, you renew it and then transfer to Cloudflare within 45 days, the registry can restrict the addition of an extra year.

I read the FAQ and this sentence made me think it only applies on expired domains not fully paid domains.

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