Domain expiration is wrong after transferring in (twice!)

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About 2 weeks I transferred a domain name into Cloudflare registrar from GoDaddy.

I paid the transfer fee (confirmed charged to my card) and the domain name transferred to my Cloudflare account without issue no problem.

Except that the expiration date has NOT had 1 year added to it, like it should have.

The expiration date is still listed as what it was before it left GoDaddy.

I’ve emailed Cloudflare support about this on the same day and I’ve not yet had any response. I appreciate that this is a ‘free’ account but I still paid for a service, and 2 weeks to wait for a reply is pushing the boundaries of what’s acceptable.

Today, I transferred another of my domains into my Cloudflare account from GoDaddy and the exact same thing happened?!

Can you post the ticket number?

What was the previous expiration date that’s still showing? If you post the domain name, we can take a second look.

Could it be because you were at the exact last date listed regarding the upcomming renew process?

Hi Guys

Thanks for your replies!

@sdayman - ticket number is 2077633. I’ve been waiting on a reply now for 13 days =/
The domain name is

@fritex - my apologies, I’m not sure I understand what you mean.

To clarify - before the domain name left GoDaddy, it had an expiration date of 31st January 2022. After it was transferred to Cloudflare, it should have had 1 year added to that expiration date, so the expiration date should now be 31st January 2023.

But the expiration date is still 31st January 2022. 1 year was not added to the expiration date upon transferring into Cloudflare.

Hope that answers the question?

Hm, maybe if, was the “automatic renewal” turned on at GoDaddy interface?

Have you checked if the the transfer process has been completed at Cloudflare? As I do not know the date when you have unlocked your domain and created a transfer request to Cloudflare Registar.

Sorry, my bad, 2 weeks you write at the top of your topic … considering that, the process has finished successfully.

ICANN whois has value for Registry Expiration: 2022-01-31, while says 2022-01-30.

What was the renew period for your domain? Usually you renewed it each year for another year, or went for more than one year?

Thank you for posting your ticket number, I truly believe Sir @sdayman could urge someone from the CF team to respond to you as soon as possible due your issue about not having an +1 year of expiration added in the process of tranfering your domain from GoDaddy to Cloudflare Registar.

I am afraid, I do not have some more usefull information for you, neither cannot help more at this moment as a regular user. Please, have a little more patience and hopefully it will be resolved :slight_smile:

Hi there,

I’ve replied to your ticket to ask for invoices, etc. from your previous registrar and to check with them if they actually renewed your domain before the transfer. Just reply to the ticket and I’ll take a more in-depth look on this.

I could imagine that the previous registrar did either not add the additional year due to the transfer or that for whatever reason the WHOIS did not update in time and that we missed this. These are just assumptions however.


Thank you =)

I think the whois must have not updated in time, because I only renewed at GoDaddy a short period of time before transferring to Cloudflare. This is because GoDaddy forced me to renew for 1 year before they allowed me to transfer.

For anyone else seeing this in the future - I’m guessing I renewed with GoDaddy, but the whois didn’t update in time before I transferred to Cloudflare, so Cloudflare only added 1 year to the whois expiration date, which hadn’t been updated yet from the GoDaddy renewal.

@TKlein I’ll reply to your ticket now.


That usually should not happen. A renewal should be pretty much instantaneous and a subsequent transfer should take the updated expiration into account as well as add one year. I am not sure how likely such a race condition would be or if it was possible at all.

At this point the best thing would be if you tried to retrace all steps, collect all invoices, and contact both registrars, and try to work it out. Though I would not be surprised either if they eventually point at each other.

Should that not work, then you could still file a complaint at Submitting a Complaint to ICANN Contractual Compliance - ICANN, though I’d assume that could take a while and there won’t be a guarantee that the paid period will be restored.

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