Domain expiration date

where I can check the domain expiration date of my domains which are already transferred to Cloudflare?

The Overview page for each domain will show you the expiration date in the right column.


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This solution is not helpful when you have a ton of domains on cloudflare. Why am I only able to see a list
expiration dates of domains not already on cloudflare, but not ones on cloudflare? You need this, every other service has it.

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That’s when the API comes in handy.

Just show us on the domains link. Put the current expiration date next to “Already on Cloudflare” and normal users will be happier.

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At the moment, the lack of this simple feature is what’s stopping me from transferring all my domains to Cloudflare. When you have a ton of domains going through each one individually to check the expiration date isn’t feasible and if it’s available via the API, why not just include it rather than make us code it?