Domain Error : Failed to resolve DNS path for this host

I am currently facing a DNS issue while fiddling with a Ghost installation.

I bought my domain name on Godaddy and then changed the nameservers in Godaddy to Cloudflare Nameservers.

I understand that doing that activates my ability to manage DNS settings from Cloudflare, without anything needing to be done in Godaddy.

Now, Ghost setup has their set of tips to get the site running on - to add a CNAME and A record.

However in spite of adding the CNAME and A records they suggested in their setup, I’m getting a “Failed to resolve DNS Path for this host” issue.

Please help.

My website is

Your ‘www’ entry resolves to a Digital Ocean droplet.

What would be the next step to take to resolve this? Should I just move from Cloudflare to some other provider?

It’s whatever your host tells you do. They should know what you should set your DNS records to.

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