Domain e-mail going to clients spam folder

whenever i am sending email from my domain mail to my clients they are delivering to spam folder not to inbox so how can i solve this issue?

You will need email authentication such as SPF and DKIM, however this is not really Cloudflare related. You would need to contact your email provider for details on this.

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actully i contacted them but they saying Cloudflare is the reson so this problem can solve by thme wht should i do?

What exactly about Cloudflare are they claiming the issue is? Generally, Cloudflare doesn’t do anything with email.

Ask your provider for the necessary DNS records to use with Cloudflare. They’ll include records such as MX, SPF & DMARC as @domjh referenced. If they are unable or unwilling to provide these records, I’d consider using a service such as Protonmail, as they make the entire process completely painless.


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