Domain down server ip is ok after cloudflare

Hi everyone,

I have owncloud installed on my vps and my cloudflare is activated on my domain thats pointed at my vps server.
I follow theese steps below install cloudflare → documentation

I may made a mistake some of steps ı’m not sure totally Example this command doesnt work on me

sudo a2ensite

Ever since i put on cloudflare wont work i get “error 521” screen.
But my serverip/owncloud works perfectly fine. Any idea the solution ?

Please click the 521 link in your post for suggestions.

actually i set my A record orange to grey on cloudflare site is back online but now ssl is gone

That’s a server issue. If your host won’t add SSL for your site, hopefully they’ll let you upload a certificate from Cloudflare.

i already did that :slight_smile: i configured .conf and enabled on httpd this side is ok in my opinion i guess i’m doing mistakes dns or a records, idk.

Then I don’t see why ssl would be “gone”. When I try to connect now, I get a “Connection Refused” on Port 443. HTTP works, though.

I see, yes http works still cant figure it out.

server results

i think i cant find any solution in the platform

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