Domain doesn’t have parking page option

I use my domains for email only, so I like to point them to a parking page. One of my domains lets me point it to the default Cloudflare parking page, which is fine. But my other two domains don’t have a parking page option under manage domains > configuration.

I am not aware of any kind of this feature available at Cloudflare yet :thinking:
Furthermore, Cloudflare isn’t a web host, so they don’t host Parked Domain pages as like Namecheap and others do.

Here are your options:

  1. You could create a DNS record for your domain name pointed to a temporary IP and then create a redirection to some other URL address / domain.
  2. You could write a code for a simple Cloudflare Worker, route to it and display an example page for the visitor (which would look like a custom parking page)
  3. You could upload some temporary “hello world” HTML webpage to the Cloudflare Pages and use custom domain to display the content for the visitor.

For any of the above 3 available options, if you want to use Cloudflare services, please ensure that your domain nameservers are correctly pointed to the assigned ones for your Cloudflare account which are presented to you in the process of adding a domain name to your Cloudflare account.

Maybe it’s a new thing now Cloudflare is a registrar, but they definitely have a parking page:

This is the option I have for one domain but not the others:

Thank you for feedback.

Would be cool to have, for sure.

Wow, that’s strange a bit :thinking:

EDIT: Seems it is available if we’ve registered with iCloud+ as in the docs states:

After you buy a domain through iCloud, Cloudflare Registrar automatically enables a landing page for it. This temporary page informs your visitors that you still do not have a website. This feature is only available to new domain registrations, when you buy a domain through an Apple device.

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Thanks fritex, that would explain it! Yes, I have a mixture of iCloud and transferred-in. :+1:

Although, thinking about it, wouldn’t it make sense for Cloudflare to offer this for all domains registered through them? It is an advertisement for their services after all. :person_shrugging:

We could try to dug through the topics, maybe there is some kind of a feature request for that already. I hope it’s somewhere on the roadmap soon.

If not, then kindly, if interested and you would like to have this feature, I’d like to invite you to create a new topic under the Feature Request Submitting & Feedback category and add your vote for this kind of a feature :+1: :crossed_fingers:

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