Domain does not resolve after wrongly connecting a R2 bucket

I made a mistake by connecting a R2 bucket not to a subdomain but to the root domain.

Immediately after doing so, I saw my mistake and disconnected the bucket and the DNS entry was automatically removed.

HOWEVER, now the domain does not resolve any longer. Cloudflare must have screwed up the DNS which is not visible in the DNS records.

If I check the DNS externally, there are no A , no AAAA and no CNAME records.

I’m now waiting for 3 h already but no change. What can I do now?

Hey there,

When you added the R2 custom domain for your domain root, the record that was originally in the domain root was updated to the R2 custom domain values. If after removing the R2 custom domain you did not re-add the original A/CNAME record you had for your domain root, then you would need to do this so that your domain root now resolves correctly.

Yes, I figured that. CF adds a CNAME record (documented) and removed an A record (not documented). If you want to undo that, CF removes the CNAME record but does not re-add the A record. CF, better stay out of it completely.

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