Domain DNS wildcard proxing issue

Hello community!

I’m currently having some issues with my DNS configuration.
All I want is to access my TS3, Game server & Website with one domain.
When I try to connect to my Team Speak 3 & Game server with my domain (, it doesn’t work.

I already created a wildcard DNS entry for that → See image below (or attachment)

What I can tell so far: My services are accessible with the IPv4 address but not with the domain.
I guess this issue is because the entire wildcard traffic isn’t proxied through Cloudflare, isn’t it?

Kind regards,
Sven | Kuezy

Are you using SRV records for TS3 and the game server?

The wildcard DNS is only used when nothing else matches. If it’s not, www, or status, then it will use the Wildcard record. But if you point TS3 or your gaming app to, you’ll hit the :orange: Proxied record.

For your information: I’m not using any SRV records for the TS3 and game server.

I haven’t tried it yet, but I’ve made a little research regarding SRV records. What I can tell so far is, that when using SRV records I have to specify the ports at the end of my domain.

When trying to connect my TS3 server, I have to enter, otherwise my TS3 & game server are only reachable with the IPv4 address.

But this is not that what I wanted. For some reason, with my fallback hosting provider, it works without any issues. But I prefer Cloudflare more than my current fallback hoster. Cloudflare gives me more opportunities, important statistics and much more.

Kind regards,
Sven | Kuezy

Hello everyone,
it’s me again. So I tested and configured some SRV records to my domain.
And what I can tell so far: It’s working!

So this is what I have done to resolve my issue:

  1. Create SRV record for TS3 Server → See attachment

  2. Create SRV record for MC Server → See attachment

That’s all about it! I didn’t expect it to be that easy, but I’m happy now that it is working.

Thank you all for your assistance with my incident.

Kind regards,
Sven | Kuezy