Domain DNS redirect to suspendeddomains org

Recently registered a free .tk domain using freenom, and added to Cloudflare.
Then I use this to set a dns record point to web hosting service infinityfree.

Problem is domain redirect to suspendeddomains org.

I have checked on freenom dashboard that domain is active and nameserver are correct.
There is also no problem with the infinityfree account.

DO NOT use freenom…

  1. you don’t own that domain and it may stop working without any warning or indication, they may even demand you pay for it if you want it back
  2. those domains are blacklisted pretty much everywhere as they’re used by scammers, so many services will prevent you from even sharing links with such extensions
  3. you won’t ever rank on google, for the reasons listed on second point. so you wont show on google except if you maybe target people from tokelau themselves (thats where .tk comes from)

also that redirect seemingly has no connection with Cloudflare, you’d need to contact freenom, that is, if they actually have a support page

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Oh ok, thanks

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