Domain DNS and website hacked

Can anyone recommend dns/domain/website security?

We have major security issues with our website and domain and despite changing registrar twice and web hosts the same problem persists.

We had a premium website with Wix from 2019 until last month, the website was full of code that we didn’t add, since moving over to cloudflare it seems that the website likely had a cloudflare or similar account that was making all of the changes that I was reporting to Wix

Strangely pages that we deleted and removed via Google search console as far back as 2021 are showing as our top hit pages (via website dashboard)

We are seeing hosts in cloudflare that were never set up by us

Things like :8080 at the end of our domain url

I would be here all day if I explained every problem that we have suffered / redirecting product checkout to competitor etc

No permission to certain parts of our Wix account

Wix employees becoming owners of our search console

But more alarming our naked domain never have been verified in our google search console account

Ideally we would like to meet face to face with a security expert, unravel what’s happened and then start again securely

We have a good idea who is behind this after they gave us iframes to add to our websites

Both websites and domains suffered dramatically after adding their iframes

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