Domain DNS A record not propagating correct IP address

When I go to DNS Checker I have it check A record, it returns cf IP addresses (2 in total, 104 and 172 addresses), and not the actual public IP to my home network to access my server.
Does anyone know why this would happen? I changed from AT&T back to Spectrum (Charter Communications) internet recently, I am unsure if they have issues with Cloudflare or not.
The reason I mention the recent change is because when I try to go to my subdomain it gives an error saying "The web server reported a bad gateway error." It shows a red X on the host but the host is running without issues and can reach the internet.
Also, I do use a personal modem I bought years ago: Motorola MB8600, and I don't know if that would cause any issues.

I hope I explained this well enough!

Any help is appreciated! Thanks!

Sorry for the bad formatting. I couldn’t get it to post without putting backticks because it said I had a link but I don’t have any in my post so it’s really weird that it acted up.

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Okay, I see how that makes sense.

That is weird since when I had AT&T it would show my ISP’s public IP and not the cf ip addresses when I did DNS Checker.

What would cause the error below on my subdomain since the DNS checker is acting correctly?

Never mind, disregard this post.

I had to connect the tunnel directly to my host and not a container within the host. I guess they have issues communicating or something which probably caused this issue.

The subdomain now loads without a problem.

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