Domain Dmca (transfer)

Hello CFs,

Can i ask about dmca for domain ? ( New Cloudflare service for domains)
U ll delete the domain if there any dmca problem ?

Thank you

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Relevant support article:

Important text:

Note: Cloudflare is not a web hosting company and we have no way to remove content from a site, but we do comply with valid copyright complaints if we receive specific proof of the complaint from the copyright holder and/or authorized agent for the copyright holder. When presented with a valid complaint we can provide who the web hosting provider is for the site in question.

As stated there, CF generally won’t be the one to take down a website if someone reports DMCA infringement. The only exception is if the content uses Cloudflare Stream, which probably will be taken down if unlicensed copyrighted content is reported.

Ummm thank you for repley

I speak here about domains , not sites or hosts

Becz they ll controll my doamin if i transfer to CF

I don’t believe registrars are required to take action for DMCA complaints, and almost all will simply forward the notice to the website hosting company like Cloudflare does. The web host is the company required to take action if copyrighted content is found on their servers.

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Unless it is about the name itself, everything where DMCA could apply should be only hosting related and hence neither the registry nor the registrar should be even involved but only the host. That being said, it is not like domains havent been targeted and seized before though.

Bottom line, if you have anything DMCA-risky you best stay away from anything remotely US-governed and that includes .com domains (and alike).

Of course, if “they” really want, they can attempt to go after your site also with a more exotic location and/or TLD. There is a reason why some sites do TLD-hopping.