Domain disappeared from Cloudflare, 'not a registered domain'

A couple of months ago, I added to my Cloudflare account (without problems). However, because of legal reasons, I couldn’t transfer the domain to a new registrar, and the old one didn’t support different nameservers, so I couldn’t set them to the proper Cloudflare NS records yet.

About 2 weeks ago, the transfer finally succeeded and I changed the NS records for the domain immediately. This was all working fine and the domain was still shown in CF, until I got a call from the client today that the website and email were not working anymore. Checking my CF dashboard, I noticed that the domain had just disappeared out of nowhere. Trying to add the domain again, I keep getting the ‘not a registered domain’ error, while the official .hu registry ( still shows the proper whois records.

For the time being, I changed my nameservers back to my registrar’s, so the domain is up and running again, but I’d like to know how this could have happened and if I can add the domain to CF again.


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