Domain disappeared / adding TXT record

This is what is showing on ABM, the one with yellow


do you mean i need to go to add site and add as another domain?

That other domain appears to be on a completely different Cloudflare account and that’s where you need to configure it. You can naturally cannot configure it under your first domain.

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i see, thanks Sandro. one last question - our domain is registered with NameCheap, but the domain itself is using DNS by Cloudflare. Our NameCheap domain is expiring soon, if i let it expire, would it affect on Cloudflare? Becuase when I added “” onto Cloudflare, it’s letting me choose a plan (i chose free) so it seems like a separate platforms.

If you do not renew it the domain will expire and will stop working altogether, naturally also on Cloudflare. The plan you chose on Cloudflare has nothing to do with the domain but is only the Cloudflare plan.

I’d highly recommend to check out

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