Domain disappeared / adding TXT record

Hello, i’m trying to add a TXT record to our domain. We registered our domain with NameCheap, but when I reached out to their support, they said our domain is using DNS by Cloudflare. When I logged into Cloudflare, i couldn’t see any domain registered. Could someone please assist me with finding the domain and walk me through how to add a TXT record?

Thank you!

Have you added the domain to Cloudflare in the first place?

#tutorials has a dedicated article on managing DNS records.

What’s the domain?

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Added to a different account, perhaps?

Thanks Sandro! I just added to Cloudflare (didn’t know I needed to add it again as I already have the domain in NameCheap and as per the NameCheap rep, it’s kind of the same channel?) Now I followed the steps and changed the nameservers over at namecheap. Do you know how i can add a TXT record to the domain? or do i have to wait until the nameservers changes are verified?

You can add records straight away but as long as the nameservers have not propagated you might not resolve them yet.

As for adding records, please check out aforementioned tutorial.

And again, what’s the domain, otherwise it’s just guessing.

the domain is

That domain points to Cloudflare just fine and there’s a TXT record on the naked domain. Not sure if that is the record you were referring to, but generally the setup should be fine.

Except for the 1000 error when visiting the site. And the lack of a ‘www’ record.

And a seemingly broken DNSSEC configuration of the TLD itself.

That’s not TXT related though.

As for 1000 error, @nestednaturals, you’ll need to check your IP addresses as you imported the wrong ones. But again, that’s rather a general issue than a TXT one.

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I havent added one yet, I need to add a TXT record from Apple Business Manager, which is a new verification process from them. I couldn’t find a guide on how to add a TXT record to the DNS zone file, i wondered if you could provide me some guidance on this? :slight_smile:

Did you check out the tutorials? They precisely describe what you need to do.

Which record do you need to set up? Post a screenshot.

I can’t find a tutorial on how to add a TXT record on Cloudflare, it’s my first time doing it and I don’t quite understand what it’s asking me to do…

That’s the right screen. You need to provide content though, which should be the part after the equals sign and the name will be the verification bit.

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You’ve put the Content into the Name field. It wouldn’t surprise me if @ (shorthand for your domain name) would go in the Name field, but the Apple instructions should tell you that.

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That’s why it is important to post the instructions

Configure new domains in Apple Business Manager - Apple Support

Yes, the whole string is the content and the record needs to be set up on the naked domain.

What you pasted as name goes into content and the name is supposed to be “”.

Thank you so much Sandro!! I have successfully added the Apple Business Manager TXT records onto Cloudflare, but when i go to ABM, it is still showing yellow which is still not verified, but according to their “Finalize the verification process”, it is saying “If the TXT record has been correctly entered into the DNS zone file, the shown record and Copy button should change to Verified ownership.” Would you be able to advise on this?

FYI this is what i see on ABM

The whole string needs to go into content and the name is your domain.

Plus the second verification needs to be set up for the other domain.

Essentially that

thank so much the domain has successfully been verified! however, on ABM, i have another one but with the name “”, i also added the TXT record according to your instruction but with the as name this time, but it’s still not verified, do you know what i did wrong here?