Domain deletion is not completely in cloudflare, so can't re-register domains on other platforms like

I registered my domain in Cloudflare, then I deleted the domain so that I could register my domain in another place like namecheap or godaddy. but after i delete and try to register on namecheap , the domain still says domain is not available, after i look at whois the domain is still registered using Cloudflare dns which in the end i can’t register the domain again

How exactly did you delete the domain? If you just removed the site from your account then that will not remove the registration.

If sounds like you just want to transfer it.

Yes I deleted it because it was the domain I registered on Cloudflare. I tried re-registration but my account is not allowed to create new zones at this time

The account problem should be discussed in a different thread. If you need help please start a new thread and post the ticket number to see if we can help.

Regarding the domain issue, please add the domain back to your account so you can get an auth code and transfer the domain out of Cloudflare Registrar.

You can also keep waiting until the domain name is released but you have to hunt for the domain so you are the one who register this domain with another Registrar, Cloudflare does not control when the domain name will be released by its Registry. Look at this link so you have an idea of the time you have to wait:

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