Domain deleted from IP Local

I am suffering from the problem that my domain is using to be deleted from the local IP who can guide me to guide me on how to troubleshoot date

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Yes, an automated check determined your zone was moved (nameservers no longer pointed to the correct Cloudflare nameservers)… a warning email was sent to the zone owner and then the zone was subsequently deleted and purged from our system.

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I have more than 300 domain names and this error continually how to overcome, thank you

Migrate your nameservers properly when you onboard.

Don’t move your domain’s nameservers away from Cloudflare once they are set properly.

Monitor the emails warning you of problems and take corrective action when you receive them.


This happened to me today. The only thing occurred was my domain was automatically renewed in the last few days by .
I can’t see that I received an email or clearly see why this has occurred.

Your nameservers were never pointed to Cloudflare when you added the domain.

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I find that hard to believe as the wizard said it had verified it at the time and it has been running for months.
In my effort to resolve the issue yesterday, I began to recreate the config for the domain in Cloudflare, but ran out of time in the day.

Subsequently, I quickly removed delegation back to DNS’s so I could get the site going again.
DNS resolution was still pointing to the Cloudflare IP’s prior to that causing the site to fail.

The same happened to me yesterday.
Domain deleted without warnings (no emails, nothing).
Site has been running for years and I had no issues with DNS.

If this is for your .li domain the domain appears to be expired or something…

dig ns +trace @ returns the registrar SOA and no nameservers.


I’m not sure what to say. We don’t really log a ton of data (at least that i have access to) but the link below with your domain substituted shows that for approx 1 month (and possibly earlier hard to tell from the data/ know how often it polled) there was an additional nameserver added which was causing the validation checks to fail. Looking at the two entries before that, it didn’t appear to be there… not sure exactly what that indicates as I don’t have access to their source code, but at least some checks were coming back with results our servers would have seen as a moved domain as well.

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