Domain deleted from account but zone still linked to it

Hi all!
I have an issue with a .it domain. I had two account with that domain so i wasn’t able to perform a NS change on my registrar. So I changed the NS to another service like cloudflare.
In order to reset the domain I’ve deleted the domain from any account I have.
I want to come back to Cloudflare but and (the NS of the first domain account i created) are still connected to my domain although the domain is not present inside my accounts (deleted everywhere).
That’s blocking me on creating the domain again and change the ns, because the new check will find deb and amit on Cloudflare and not the new (I did it yet and wasn’t fine).
I think I need Cloudflare to remove the domain manually, but if you have another solution I’m glad to hear.

Thank you in advance and nice to meet you here.

It will be best to contact support and have them fix that

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