Domain deleted = All settings lost from CF?

We forgot to pay for the domain with our registrar.
We only found out in the lubrication process.
We contacted the registrar and paid.
The domain was restored, but was deleted from CloudFlare.
Does that mean all settings are gone?
Do I have to set everything manually from the beginning?
That’s a little silly.
CloudFlare could show the history of settings in the administration and offer recovery.
Can you please advise me?
Do I have to set everything from the beginning?
Thank you for every answer.

When I’ve added domains back, all my settings were still there. Have you tried this?

That’s in the Audit Log for your account. I don’t know if it goes back far enough to the initial DNS Records scan, though.

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Thank you for your early reply.
Thank you for the information about the Audit Log.
I looked at the Audit Log (Manage Account / Audit Log) and I was able to find something.
But it seems laborious to study and set up again.
Searching in the Audit Log is quite impractical.

I’m trying to figure out what steps I should take to restore the original settings themselves.
It is not clear from the support article what will happen if I try to add the domain again.
In fact, he claims he can’t recover DNS

So should I try to add the domain for like the first time and hope that all records will be restored automatically?

I now tried to add a domain, but it wrote to me “ is not a registered domain”.
If I check the national registrar of a given TLD, it shows that we are the owner.

It’s possible that it’s been so long since deletion that it doesn’t remember your domain. The process usually begins with some warning emails about a name server issue that’s typical of an expired domain, then another warning or two before it’s deleted. And then the final alert that the domain was deleted.

Beyond that, I don’t know how long it will retain any settings.

At this point, it’s best to start with some sort of parked page so Cloudflare can verify that the domain works before re-adding. It still might have settings, but the domain itself must be functional first.

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