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Hi, I had a domain completely purged recently which as you can imagine, caused me no end of problems. Both email and site were inaccessible for 48 hours over the weekend while I was blissfully unaware the domain had even been ‘deleted’ in the first place. NO emails or messages were received to tell me that this was happening or that the domain had even been originally deleted? Like another topic I saw on here, it was deleted by Local

So, I’ve set that domain back up again on Cloudflare, so far so good. However, the other domain I have had set up, working fine since July, has suddenly been ‘deleted’… I only know that this has happened as I have made a point to check the Audit Logs almost daily just to check for this? So my question is, why do my domains keep being deleted… and how do I prevent this domain that has had its status changed to ‘delete’ from being purged?

Many thanks.

Which domains are we talking about and have you successfully set the nameservers given for each of them? If not, you’d have found the reason for the deletion.

Hi sandro, thanks for the quick reply. The domain that has been set for ‘Delete’ is and nameservers have been set up as the audit log confirms since July 30th (Nameservers Confirmed).

The domain that was deleted and then purged last month, is… again, nameservers have been set up on this domain since it was purged and has been ‘live’ since Oct 01 (nameservers confirmed Oct 03). So far so good, but I’m worried this one will be deleted again if I don’t keep an eye on it / the audit log manually.

I don’t understand why both have been deleted. I’ve simply been testing on a couple of my domains before I roll out to some of my clients who’ll no doubt want to pay for subscriptions.

Any advice appreciated…

Well, currently the nameservers are set correctly. As long as you dont change them I would not expect anything to be deleted.

As far as the past is concerned, I am afraid I cant give you a definite response - for that you would need to contact support - but as far as I can tell for the .com domain you first set it to Cloudflare’s servers about 2.5 months ago and then it regularly switched to ui-dns servers and back. That would be an explanation why it never verified on Cloudflare.

Thanks for checking sandro, but has been set to delete as of yesterday 2018-10-14 09:05:05 (GMT+1)

Is it just a case of waiting to see if it is purged in 20 days (that’s how long between delete and purge on the other domain)?

Well, for .com we seem to know why it was removed.

As for .co, that domain seems to have been with its Cloudflare servers since end of July, so I wouldnt expect it to be dropped from Cloudflare, however if you are still uncertain I’d suggest to contact Cloudflare’s support.

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