Domain Delegated to Cloudflare - Website not showing

Hi !
I’ve delegated the DNS of my domain to Cloudflare, and Cloudflare has succesfully procceced this, but my website it’s not showing
I’ve done this more times and always works i don’t know what may be happening. When i check the status of my domain on my hosting it says : “The domain does not exist or does not have DNS assigned”… but how i said cloudflare already procceced it. I did this yesterday.


Your domain is configured for Cloudflare but you do not have any DNS records on Cloudflare. You’ll need to set them up otherwise they won’t resolve.

Hi Sandro, but the other times i did it, it was automatically done, i didn’t have to add any DNS records on Cloudflare…

If you know how to do it please, can you explain, i’ve never done it. Thanks.

Usually when you add a domain to Cloudflare Cloudflare will import default records. In this case it might not have found any or they were removed. You can check the audit log for any removals.

As for adding records, there’s an article under #tutorials.

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