Domain creation - import of many incorrect DNS records

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When creating a new domain, the wizzard imports several hundred wrong DNS entries, because the domain was previously hosted on a community server. How can these all be deleted at once? Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent the import, nor to delete all DNS records at once… so it takes hours to delete over 700 incorrect DNS entries…


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This is a pretty common occurrence when you have a wildcard DNS entry. Cloudflare discovers subdomains by scanning for a bunch of records, and if there’s a wildcard record on the domain, it’ll see these as present. For more info: Cloudflare adds 200 random records when adding a domain - #9 by CascadingStyle

As for bulk-removing them, the best way is via the API. There are some community created tools to make this process easier though, such as GitHub - Cyb3r-Jak3/cloudflare-utils: Helpful Cloudflare utility program.

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All right thanks for the tip and the link!

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