Domain Control Validation (DCV) has failed for certificates


We have a bunch of domains on cloudflare, all of which have CF NS. This morning, I got a series of emails notifying me that:

Domain Control Validation (DCV) has failed for the certificate with the ID xxx-xxx-xxx belonging to Zone ID xxxxxxx. The DCV method is currently set to txt.

The message goes on to explain that I should make sure that the NS records are set to CF and that traffic is set to go through CF edge and that there’s no firewall rules on any of the zone IDs. The zone IDs themselves hold dummy domains that are not even used.

All Zone IDs have CF NS and there are no firewall rules whatsoever set on any Zone ID / Domain.

I checked the cert status using and all Zone IDs returned that "certificate_status": "active".

A few minutes later, I started getting messages for the same Zone IDs, notifying me that:

Certificate issuance has succeeded for the certificate with the ID xxx-xxx-xx belonging to Zone ID xxxx.

So… what happened here?

Just experienced this ourselves. Two emails with fails and 2 emails within minutes that the deployment succeeded. Same as you, we also have multiple domains on CF.

For me, I wish the email stated which domain was the issue and what might have triggered these fail and success messages.


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