Domain control missing features

The domains I have on Cloudflare have no links to let me do anything. all I can get to is a page to transfer domains and a section for the domains I have and cant transfer. There are no links related to the domains I have transferred and in the billing there are not links for the payments made for there transfers.

The documentation must be out of date -

Here are the instructions. (Please update them)

To begin, navigate to the Domain Overview tab in the Cloudflare dashboard.

There is no “Domain Overview” tab, there is a link on the bottom right to ‘Domain Registration’ and I have been over every page

In the card for “Domain Registration” you’ll find a link to Transfer Out.
As I cant find the “Domain Overview” tab I’m sort of stuck

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Hi @frankwarwick i’m totally with you on how confusing the process was for transferring in my domain to Cloudflare, and also how to manage your domain after you transfer it in. I would love to see some sort of dedicated page just for domains and the ability to edit settings for each domain I have. Seems like alot of settings are scattered.

I feel like this should be a solid warning before people are allowed to use the registrar service
YOU CAN’T SET YOUR OWN NAME SERVERS… Additionally you can’t transfer out a domain within 60 days of it being transferred in (as per ICANN rules set for all registrars).

You should probably use Cloudflare as your DNS and Caching service for a little bit before transferring in the domain.

So add the domain, setup all the DNS settings, change the name servers to Cloudflare, etc. This way your DNS settings are setup well and clean and you verify everything works, the registrar change will be seamless then.

However if your the type of user that sets the NameServers to that of your host and lets your host’s Cpanel handle all the DNS settings then your going to be in for a rude surprise as you can’t change the name servers away from Cloudflare…

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