Domain connecttion to Squarespace

Hi community,

I am trying to connect my cloudflare domain to a squarespace page. I have done the DNS setting changes but squarespace still shows “This website is pending domain owner verification”. Does anyone know how can I fix it? thank you.


If you are wanting to use a record for verification, you should not proxy that record.

Change the verification record to DNS-only.

This is stated right here in their own documents for using Cloudflare:

If you’re having trouble connecting your Cloudflare domain to your site:

  • Ensure that your CNAME and A records aren’t using a Cloudflare proxy. The proxy status can interfere with the connection.

Thanks @dmartin1 for getting back to me. I have changed CNAME and A records to DNS only, but the site still isn’t working. Any other suggestions that I can do? thank you so much.

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