Domain connection To Blogger Issues

Ive recently connected my domain to blogger platform… changed the dns in godaddy along with google codes in line with their instructions… had problems with website appearing on android after a week of propagation… godaddy advised using forwarding… which I tried but because its HTTP im now getting warnings…

second round of advice yesterday was to swith dns to cloudflair which I did but Im still having the warning messages… NET ERR CERT COMMON NAME INVALID

Im reading in some topics that you use forwarding to connect your domain but I dont see anything about forwarding in the blogger instructions to connect… so Im going round in circles a bit… appreciate some help ;). I have ssl in place… says on the dashboard its good…

as it stands ive now disabled forwarding… search my site on www. the sites fine… without www its saying it cant be reached/unexpectadly closed the connection…

Kindly, could you please write what is the domain name?

If using Cloudflare for your domain, can you post your screenshot of the DNS records from your Cloudflare dashboard?

Also, can you write back what SSL option you have enabled at SSL tab at Cloudflare Dashboard? (Full SSL, Flexible SSL …)

Have you tried looking at:

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Thanks for the info… I think the 3rd article might help…Step 3: Redirect Your Domain Using URL Forwarding Page Rule… last article has the answers I hope… I will make a new forwarding suggestions and try again…Thanks again :wink: .my DNS attached

I do believe thats fixed the issue… you do need forwarding with a blogger site…
excellent!! thank u thank u thank u

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