Domain connect

I’m looking to connect some domains from Plesk to Cloudflare, however the given URL always fails with a 404 from the Cloudflare dashboard. Is domain connect supported at all? The URL I’m using is:

Where’d that URL you are using come from?

it’s generated by Plesk itself - there’s a link provided automatically within Plesk for domains which Plesk detects are using Cloudflare for DNS. Is it not correct?

Never seen it before. A single other mention of the URL in the community forums, my try the same workaround.

OK that’s very interesting - I cannot sign into my account from Firefox on any machine (plugins etc are synced between them). This would quite possibly explain why. I’ll give that a try!

Hmm nope that’s not it. I tried it in Chromium which has no plugins installed except my password manager and although I can log into my Cloudflare account fine, jumping from Plesk to connect the domain still fails.

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