Domain completely disappeared in Cloudflare

One of the domains we are using with Cloudflare, completely disappeared from the dashboard.

Therefor the settings such as rerouting traffic to the non www https version of the website related to the domain, are not working anymore.

Did anyone had such an issue before?
And what is the quickest/best solution to fix this? Re-add the domain and settings?

Appreciating any help.

What’s the domain? And I’d check the audit log. That should say why it was removed.

But yes, re-adding is a good idea, though you need to check if the configuration is still there.

The domain is

I’ve checked the audit-log, and it seemed that there was a inlog and a delete for the domain.
After an intern call with IT everything unfolded: the domain name was moved to a new provider, which changed the settings - in favor of adding a new mailadres concerning this domainname.

Thank you for your quick reply.

I lost a couple of hairs, but we’re back in business :slight_smile:


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