==> work / ==> doesn't work

Hi everyone,
I need you help please.
my problem is:
lesproducteursdechezmoi.c om ==> work
www.lesproducteursdechezmoi.c om ==> doesn’t work

I don’t know where my mistake is? on Cloudflare configuration? ou Googledomains configuration?

And I use cloudflare to connect my domain to an other website (I use a worker route).

Can you help me?

Yeah, no. Neither of these works, and there is absolutely no way it does work.

dig +short

First of all, this name isn’t proxied, so you are not using a worker. And this is the IP address of Google’s public DNS resolver, not the address of your server. is using Cloudflare, but without more information, there is absolutely no way to tell you where the problem lies.