Domain/CNAME Won't Propagate - ClickFunnels Integration

Hey there,

I’ve just replaced a domain on Kajabi and attempted to move the original one back onto ClickFunnels. I’ve quadruple checked the ClickFunnels steps are correct and done this before, but the domain CNAME is not resolving for http :// pattyazzarello .com (without spaces) shows that the domain (without www) CNAME is not propagated.
The domain with www all points to target. clickfunnels .com (without spaces) as it should

Usually all of this happens very quickly. Am I just not waiting long enough?

The domain is from GoDaddy with nameservers on Cloudflare. Here are the relevant DNS rules in place:

Page Rules
pattyazzarello .com/* 301 - Permanent Redirect
to https:// www .pattyazzarello .com/$1 (without spaces)

Any and all help appreciated!

pattyazzarello is resolving, but the www is returning a 404 page. I can’t tell if that’s ClickFunnels or not, but it’s different from what the non-www site’s 404 looks like, which is Kajabi.

Can you post a screenshot of those two page rules you listed?

One suggestion would be to replace the CNAME with an “A” record using as an IP address. It’s Google DNS, but the Page Rule should intercept the request before there’s a chance to hit Sometimes CNAMEs seem to override Page Rules.

@sdayman thanks for the reply.

When I check, the non www domain is returning without resolve, but the www is pointing to target. clickfunnels. com

Here’s a screenshot of the page rules. The second one is off, but, ideally, I’d like to keep the “go” and “rise” subdomains going but have the root URL forwarding to the URL in the 2nd page rule. I’ve shut that off for now because it wasn’t working anyhow.

I’ve deleted the CNAME, made an A record with “@” pointing to, and nothing seems to have changed yet.


It looks like it’s forwarding to www, which looks like it’s under construction. Not the Kajabi page any more.

At this point I might delete all records and simply have it point to ClickFunnels and have Page Rules to forward to the new URL.

Is there a chance that this is stuck on the Cloudflare backend and needs manual fixing on their part?

At this point, it’s either DNS, or something at Clickfunnels isn’t properly setup to respond to the CNAME.

You could start over, but I first suggest you contact Clickfunnels to have them check your setup.

Not sure it’s ClickFunnels because DNS Checker isn’t resolving for the non-www domain. Additionally, the DNS Checker is showing target. clickfunnels. com for the www address but will not resolve to the ClickFunnels pages.

If I delete the domain from Cloudflare, will that reset everything from scratch and potentially jolt it out of being stuck? I can easily re-enter the DNS values and Page Rules.

2nd level domains CNAME aren’t real CNAMEs, since it’s forbidden by the DNS specification, so CF makes a “cname flattening” as they were A/AAAA records.
So you will never see a CNAME resolving for a second-level domain.

BTW your nameservers aren’t fully propagated yet, in Europe they still point to Godaddy



Thanks for the reply. The NS point to GoDaddy because I moved them back for the time being and copied over all the DNS settings. They were previously all propagated to Cloudflare with the same issues.

The non-www domain is still not resolving:


Whether GoDaddy or Cloudflare, how would you suggest fixing the issue you’ve mentioned?

the CNAME will never resolve for the non-www domain, you need to check the A record instead. To me it’s working, it redirects to execmentorgroup dot com

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Why wouldn’t it resolve?


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The root record is pointing to a record managed by Clickfunnels, which technically means it is being managed by Clickfunnels as well (over over the orange i for confirmation).

Try deleting that record, first pointing your root record to to get the :orange: and then edit it to point to your www. That should still give you the orange Cloud and allow your page rule to fire.

because that online tool that he’s using does the following:

dig +short -t CNAME ← will never work
dig +short -t CNAME ← will work

even if both are set as CNAME, the first is only a “simulated” CNAME… that’s what I’m trying to explain

Example that there is no CNAME for non-www domains:

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So you’re suggesting

  1. Delete pattyazzarello. com, alias of www. pattyazzarello. com
  2. Create CNAME pattyazzarello. com, alias of www. google. com
  1. Edit the new CNAME to www. pattyazzarello. com

What exactly is this going to do?

Obviously I’m trying to get all instances of the domain to resolve (http://, https://, non-www, www, etc.)

I see, don’t need to worry about the tool not reporting back for non-www addresses.

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Cloudflare’s check for management appears to only fire on record create. So by doing it this way it would still resolve to your IP and your page rule to redirect it would fire (which it isn’t currently.


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Right. I could move this back to Cloudflare and give that a shot.

Going back to GoDaddy’s nameservers with all the DNS records repeated, it’s makes me think that this is coming down to ClickFunnels. The subdomains are still operating fine, it’s just the root that seems stuck.

The forwarding rule isn’t working except for http :// pattyazzarello. com which is forwarding correctly, but nothing else is (www, https://, blank, etc.)

Root domain for ClickFunnels apparently has many issues with CNAME flattening - their own Help Center says to redirect root to www

Thanks for the reply.

So this is getting a bit complicated.

I’m hoping to keep the subdomains “go” and “rise” functioning on ClickFunnels, which normally works fine, while having the root domain be free to run a new website. This was the case where the root domain hosted my Kajabi site and the subdomains were in use on ClickFunnels.

If I need to use the Page Forwarding Rule to make the root work at all on ClickFunnels, will that also redirect the subdomains?

It’s beginning to seem like all of these issues are ClickFunnels problems. I have an open support case with them but it’s been about a day and a half of waiting to hear.

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