Domain CNAME not working

Hi I am new to cloudflare!
My domain ( is activated in cloudflare and it shows the same status (Active). I wanted to integrate my domain and subdomain into clickfunnels. I followed the steps and got my subdomain pointing to clickfunnels, BUT my root domain is not pointing to clickfunnels. I checked the DNS status on Screenshots are attached for both root domain and subdomain.

Please also advise about SSL. In my clickfunnels account, I am not getting SSL activation. I guess this is because my DNS is not yet OK.

If you’ve set that CNAME to :orange:, then it’s going to show up as an “A” record, which it’s doing.

thanks sdayman for the reply.
I have set everything Ok. See the screenshor below… my subdomain is pointing to clickfunnels, but (also without www) is not.

I am checking DNS status on

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