Domain Cloudflare to hostinger

Hi, I bought my domain directly from Cloudflare. Now, I need to change the Cloudflare nameservers to hostinger nameservers to point to my website. How can I do that? Thanks! I have the hostinger nameservers, but I dont know how can I change the name servers of Cloudflare. is it make sense? thanks!

Welcome to the community! Sorry, but you can’t change the nameservers on a domain registered in Cloudflare, as specified in point 6.1 of the Domain Registration Agreement:

However, you shouldn’t have any problems when using Hostinger with a Cloudflare Full DNS setup (used Hostinger for more than 2 years, and used domains with Cloudflare Full DNS setup)…

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Thanks for your help, Lumito.

So, I need to change the Hostinger’s nameservers to cloudlare nameservers?

Sorry, Im trying to understand how it works on that way.

Thanks, again!

IIRC you should be able to add it in hPanel → Hosting → Add website. Then, a new website will appear for your hosting account.

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