Hi All,
I bought a domain(example) in godaddy and added that new domain in cloudflare.

Created Hosted zone in Route53 with same domain name(example,in that added A record and pointed to my web server.

So now when some hits my domain (example) it should to go to cloudflare and then it points to route53 from there it need to go to Webserver.

I already did this (created domain in godaddy,added in cloudflare and cloudflare NS details has been added in godaddy then added route53 hosted zone ns records in cloudflare.But it didn’t works.

Someone please suggest me how to do that.

You can’t delegate the root domain from Cloudflare to another DNS provider.


Why is Route 53 in the picture? Put your webserver IP in Cloudflare if you want to use Cloudflare.


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