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Acquired new domain, set up as sub-domain in my hosting site and, forgot to create add-on domain so when I went to install, the only choice I had was
Two days later, still only option, so I installed. Today, I called GD to ask what in the heck I did wrong and if they could fix. I TOTALLY SPACED THAT I HAD INSTALLED AND ACTIVATED Y’ALL (which is now always my first step.) I now have a cloned website of at where the front face is not showing up and gives me a 403 Forbidden error.

Please help me. Please tell me what to do!

Thanks, in advance, for your time and energy.



You should re-do setting up that new domain as its own entity. It certainly won’t work as

That’s something you need to work out at GoDaddy.

Then you +Add a Site from the Cloudflare Dashboard.


Apparently I wasn’t clear. I did work it out with GD. It’s done and the migrated site is on it, including an active license of CF that actively has me locked out.
Site remains in dashboard.


Ok…so it sounds like you have a functional site at GoDaddy.

And your original domain (buy/sells) functions with Cloudflare.

Your new domain (mastery) uses GoDaddy’s name servers, but shows a parked page.

I’m not clear on what active license you have at Cloudflare. Cloudflare plans are on a domain-by-domain basis.

So you want this new domain to work at Cloudflare. You will have to +Add Site in the Cloudflare Dashboard (I mentioned that earlier). But this doesn’t work?

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