Domain challenged by cloud flare which is not handled by cloudflare

I encounter a strange problem where a domain on my server is challenged by Cloudflare while it is not in my Cloudflare account. It also does not have the cloud fare name servers and DNS etc.
How could the be??

What is the domain?

Is this your own server or a host? Many hosts use Cloudflare themselves.

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This is my own server, a cloud server rented at Flex Web Hosting in the Netherlands.

The domain is

This came out of the blue. Other domains on this server do not seem to be affected in any way…

Thanks for your help!



Can you attach a screen shot of this challenge?

It’s not Cloudflare.

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Hi There!

Thanks for the information.
Could you indicate what malware is on the site and its location or a file name so I can remove it?

Again thanks for the helping hand


Sorry all I can say is when I visited the site, the domain being called matched the one in the linked article.

You might look at Google search results like v to see if any of them apply.

I have found a script and remover it. Noé the problem seems to be resolved .
It was a script with redirects

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