Domain can't be added, no upgrade plan options to get to support


So, the experience I am still having and losing money daily is just something I can’t really believe is happening. My domain can’t be added to Cloudflare at this moment, we emailed the abusereply email but I don’t see any solutions after 3 days, there is no other way to reach support and I even tried upgrading my plan to business or even enterprise just to solve this, as I lose money on a daily basis but nothing. It is impossible to upgrade from the account, I even tried creating a new account where I picked the $200 option, it just opened a free account without the possiblity to upgrade it inside the account, I have gone through all the options 3 times. How is it even possible not to have that in 2022? Fake phishing websites have better functioning UI.

From what I understand now the best option for me is to go with another company and go through the whole setup again. Incredible this is even happening and that you can’t reach anyone to help you, you can’t even upgrade to be able to. :smiley:

How can I solve this? Is the moving to another company the only solution because I have an urgent matter that isn’t related to any form of attack and it is impossible to reach anyone.

Are you getting a ‘Zone Banned’ error or something similar?

Is your site down due to a DDoS or similar?

You would need to talk to Sales if you want to go Enterprise.

No, the error is “This web property cannot be added to Cloudflare at this time. If you are an Enterprise customer, please contact your Customer Success Manager. Otherwise, please email [email protected] with the name of the web property and a detailed explanation of your association with this web property.”. It is my domain and we were changing the platform we use, it was a 10 day maintenance without any attack (now it is 14 days because of this issue), when we tried to add it to Cloudflare that error came up. I would want to upgrade to business even, but it doesn’t exist. The option to click on the website isn’t there. Sales doesn’t work on Sundays, that is what I was told on the phone.

And you emailed Trust & Safety with the details requested? What have you heard back from them, just an autoreply or anything else?

Are you using Cloudflare Pages/Workers for your new site? If not then what is stopping your website working without Cloudflare right now?

Business is still a self-serve plan, this means it’s zone specific so you can’t upgrade until you add a domain. It would not help resolve your issue here.

Can you share the domain?

Yes, even from 2 accounts. Because the platform acccount is what we use, I didn’t use my own account as there was no need for it, I’ve just created it 3 days ago to try and see if we get the same error. We changed the platform and my guess the issue is with the domain already been added to another Cloudflare account?, But I expected this would be solved much faster since I can prove domain ownership in any way requested.

They have replied to the email and 3 days later I still don’t have a solution to add my site and get it all up again. pokies2go dot com, doesn’t allow me to share links here.

That is not necessarily the cause. If it was previously using Cloudflare and violated ToS or something then maybe. Otherwise it’s usually due to trademarks, high profile domains or something similar.

Which Cloudflare services are you trying to use?

With what? Did they tell you it would be resolved, ask for more information or tell you you couldn’t add it?

No it hasn’t, the domain was on Cloudflare just 15 days ago, on the other platform. We have had no issues whatsoever, so there is no reason for this hapenning.

I think the part about the services is not that relevant because I can’t even add the website to any account.

Well first 2 replies were meaningless about the domain transfer to Cloudflare, which I would actually do if necessary, but you also have to add the website before transfering it out, so it was impossible. Last email I got is that they are checking it out, but I am waiting for 3 days now and the domain worked with this same service (but on a different account) just 14 days ago. My only hope is that it will be resolved tomorrow and if not I will be forced to go with another similar service and forget about this. I don’t see anything that can be done as the whole support part isn’t Cloudflares selling point at all.

“before transfering in” - my domain is on Namecheap

Unfortunately given the situation, only Trust & Safety can address this issue. You can email them to follow up on your request but there is nothing Support or the Community can do in this case.

Yeah, I figured I am stuck with bad and slow resolution of this big issue I have, wanted to try and see if anyone else had a similar situation. I guess I should start configuring it on a different service, I’ve lost faith this will be solved and I can’t wait for longer than tomorrow. Anyway, thank you for the replies.

Unfortunately Trust & Safety is a bit of a difficult subject and no one here has any insight into how they work or the decisions they make. As you already received a reply from them saying they are looking into it I would hope you would hear back with more information.
Sorry we couldn’t help further.