Domain broken

Without any input from me, my domain managed by Cloudflare stopped working. When getting my IPv6 (the only public IP address my PC has) via ipconfig and accessing that, my servers are accessible. Not when the same IP address is set in Cloudflare though. I either get error 520 or 522.
Just a little while ago everything worked. I had my domain bought at Godaddy managed with Cloudflare, Caddy as reverse proxy, managing connections to my web, Nextcloud, Jellyfin, Plex servers.
What could be the culprit here?

Hey there,

These errors means that Cloudflare’s EDGE wasn’t able to get a connection towards your Origin, which has then ended into a timeout. Are you having connectivity issues with your Origin right now?


I had gotten that far when it comes to researching the issue. It works when directly accessing my PC from outside the network with its IPv6 and specific server port. Somehow, Cloudflare doesn’t seem to be able to do the same with the same IPv6 all of a sudden. That’s why I’m so confused by this error.

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