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I’m writing on the behalf of the team. We’ve been using Cloudflare for a few years. We tried to connect Klar ( to our e-com website for easy sales analytics by adding some DNS records to our Cloudflare environment, only to find out that our domain is blocklisted by Cloudflare itsself?

The tech team at Klar reached out to Cloudflare but didn’t receive any info because they’re not the domain owner. I cannot find anything about our domain being blocklisted in our own Cloudflare account. There must be something I’m not understanding correctly but why would we pay money for a service that bans us? This seems to be the preferable way to get in touch with Cloudflare, thanks in advance for helping us understand this a bit better and hopefully find a solution :slight_smile:

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J Laan

I guess, as both you and are using Cloudflare, you are seeing a 1014 “Cross-User banned” error.

If so, it doesn’t mean you are “banned”, merely that you cannot CNAME to another Cloudflare account unless they are using Cloudflare for SaaS. Likely the service you are using is, it just isn’t set up on their side yet. Contact them and ask them to confirm all is configured correctly.

If not a 1014 error, can you show what makes you think you are banned.

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Hi sjr, thank you for your swift reply! Klar is indeed using Cloudflare SaaS, but they’re using a separate domain for their CNAME references. I cannot see anything in our account regarding our domain being blocklisted, but the devs at Klar couldn’t verify the connection due to this.

I’ll see if there is a more direct way to get support on this. In the meantime, I’d love to hear from you and others :slight_smile:

What’s the exact message you’re seeing?

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There is no message I’m seeing, just the devs on the other end that let me know we’re blocklisted by Cloudflare

Maybe they can bring you the error code(s)/message(s) they see?

Perhaps even share a screenshot with you, so you can pass it on to us?


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