Domain blocked by Avast ("URL:Blacklist") because of other domains sharing tha same IP?

Hello, our domain, that is proxied by Cloudflare, is constantly getting blocked by Avast Antivirus: it tells that the connection was blocked because of “URL:Blacklist”.

Example of blocked url:

We filed a false positive report to Avast, but we are still waiting for an answer.

Is it possible that our domain was blocked because it shares the public IP (= the Cloudflare proxy’s IP) with some other potentially malicious website?

Do you ever had an issue like this with Avast? How did you manage to solve it?


Very unlikely, Avast themselves use a CDN, so outright blocking CDN IPs would also block access to their own domain when someone eventually uses akamai to host malware.

Avast has info on what triggered the blacklist, so hopefully they’ll get back to you on what caused it.

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